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Sex with Aunty ...

Post hotmaler » Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:06 am


Iam prashanth.U r going to experience the best experiences of my life.This was during my 11th and 12th grade.I had to go to Hyderbad for my 11th and 12th.I was a simple guy who used to mastubrate watching hot desi songs etc.,
My aunty swaraj was in her late 30's.She was average looking but with the best structure you could imagine.I never had any sexual feelings for her.But during my 10thh holidays my friend used to send me sex stories which mostly involved sex with aunties.So that was theA reason for my feeling of sex for her.She always used to dress in sarees mostly with tight blouses.I always looked for ways to touch her boobs but was scared.She used to wwear nighties during night time.So what happened one day there was a power cut.My uncle and his two sons slept in the balcony.Aunty didnot want t o sleep there so she remained sleeping in her bedroom.She asked me to sleep beside her as she was scared sleeping alone.I slept beside her and she fell asleep.I didnot sleep as i was fantasising sex with her.The power was not supposed to come till next morning.I was loooking for this chance.I slowly started moving close to her.I was trying to touch and press her boobs.I acted as if iam sleeping and just put my hand near her shoulder,I was then slowly moving my han downwards trying to touch her boobs.But she was not wearing a bra.So her boobs were hanging downwards.I had to move my hand a lot downwards to touch her boobs.I then managed to touch her boobs.That was the first time I was touching those heavenly things.I was flying high in the air.Her nighty had a only one button.The remaining two buttons were broken.I slowly put my fingers through the gap and statrted feeling her boobs with my finger.Suddenly she turned and I had to remobe my hand.That nite I mastubrated nad slept.That was the first exciting incident of such kind in my life.
My aunty had this habit to wake up early and clean the home.She used to wake at five o clock and sweep and mop the house.She used to remove her nighty and get into her saree.But but the most interesting thing was she didnot wear a blouse or bra during that morning time.She used to clean the entire home in that saree witout wearing blosue.She didnot wear a blouse or bra because she usually applied oil to her hands for moisturizing.But she never used to come to my room in the morning wer me and my cousins slept.Now exams had started and I started sleeping in the hall as I had to wake up early to study.I was most exited as I would get a chance to see her without blose just draped in a saree.That was always my fantasy of seeing women without blosue only in a saree.I woke up at 5am and started to study.At 5Am aunty woke up as everyday and started sweping the house.I had never seen a womens boobs.While she was sweping she had to bend.While she bent her right boob hung out .And that was the first time I was seeing her like that>Those round fleshy boobs and those dark nipples.I thought I wish I could suck that boob like mangoes.I was totally mad.She didno notice that I was staring at her.She was keeping on sweeping and I was keeping on watching her bbobs hang out of her saree.That aroused me a lot.I then started sleeping in the hall and watchiing these scenes daily.after cleaning the house she would remove her saree and wrap her hands around her nude boobs and go to bath.There was only one bathroom and that too in the hall.But after few days they hired a maid and I couldnot watch those scenes again.I was dissapointed.But my aunt used to go to bath in the batroom in the hall.She used to remove her tight blouse and slowly slip if out of her hands witjh lot diifculty aand throw it .I could see her bare back and wen sh turned around her huge jugs.Soon we moved to an apartment close by.The maid had stopped coming .Imagine a vulpoutus woman anly drpaed in a saree with no blouse or bra.Summers had come an my aunty stopped wearing nighties.She would sleep in her saree every night.I had fever for few days and I was sleeping in the room wer my uncle and auntys slept.They slept on the bed and I on the flloor.They had sex in the night.My uncle used to say "aee aa blouse vipaavaaa"(meaning can u unbutton that blouse of urs).Then she unbuttoned her blouse and threw it.She never wore a bra.Thats the reason her boobs always hung down.They would always had sex and she slept the same way without her blouse every night.I was jealous I was starting to plan to fuck her.Fortunately my uncle had to go out for a week and I got a chance to sleep next to her.The first day she said that prashanth Iam tired and want to have bath and come.I said OK.She had her bath and come only in the saree no blouse.Her body was still wet and I could see her boobs and nips through her saree.I was shocked to see her.Seeing my shocking face shee told that she has a habit of removing her blouse everyday before sleeping as it is summer.I said OK.She slept and I started thinking how to screw her.I made a plan.I suddenly started talking louldly as if I was talkking in sleep.She woke up and woke me up and asked wat hpnd.I told I had a very bad dream and Iam scared.She said dont worry I will put the lights on and u can sleep putting ur hand on me.I was excited .I put my hand on her bare belly and acted a s If Iam sleeping.I slowly started to pull her saree off.After some time her boobs were naked as I had pulled the saree completely off.I was on clod 9 .I was just 2 inches aways from those huge jugs.I then started moving my face toward her breasts.Then slowly complety started fondling her breast with my face and mouth.She thouht that I was scared and so I was embracing her.I slowly opened my mouth and started sucking those boobs.I cannot writ how I was feeling when I had those huge things in my mouth.She was in deep sleep and ignored me.I tried to touch her pussy but sucking her boobs was enough for me that day.The whole nite I spent sucking her boobs preesing those nipples and bite them.I ejaculated and cum after some time.This happened for a week tll my uncle came back.
The next day after uncle came me and my aunty went to my hometown warangal.Me and my aunty used to sleep i the same room as I had a double bed.So on the first night she came in my room to sleep and locked the door.She hen started removing her blouse.I was shocked ,she said that she closed the door because she sleeps without the blouse and she doesnot want anyonme to come in.I said ok.We were about to sleep and started talking here and there things.I was about to switch off the light she said no dont because she wouldnot get sleep soon as it was a new place.I said ok.Then we started talking.Suddenly I cracked a satire on her saying she is an old woman now.She got angry and said that Iam not.I said she was and we were having this funny argument.Then she started beating me on my cheeks funnily.I too started hitting her in a joking manner.She the then hit me on my stomach I too recipricated hitting her on her stomach which was bare.We both was enjoying this mischevious fight.Then she stood up and said that she is not old and she can show me that she was not.I too stood.She then started pushing my by putting her hands on my chest.Her pallu had fallen down and I coukd see her huge boobs as there was no blouse.I too thought that this was the best way to press her boobs and with full strength I started pushing her on the opposite side holding her booobs.Her boobs were fully in my hands and I started pressing her the same way to the wall.I pressed her boobs as much I can and that aroused me.Shockingly came to me the biggest surprise gift.She told me wat do u think I dont know u were sucking my boobs since last one week.I was shocked and my face became pale.She told me to lie on the bed.I went to the bed and then she came and jumped over me and said I have to punish u for this.Suck my boobs as u were sucking last week,I was amazed.I was shivering.I said that aunty i had this fantasy since many days.I even watched ur boobs wen u used to sweep and mop.She said "I know".I was the most coureagous man at that moment.I pushed her n to the bed and pulled her saree away.I was like a thirsty beast.I started pressing her boobs and sucking them too.She started moaning.I then kissed her on her neck and then had a french kiss with her.This was my firste kiss.I kised her and pressed her boobs for half hour and I jerked off.She said no problem u r a newbie this will happen initially.I then started pulling the naada of her petticaot and pulled that away.She was just in her panty.her panty was totally wet.I then undressed myself and my hugh 6 inch cock was ready for her.But bfroere insertion I always wanted a blow job.I asked her to suck my dick.She refused and forcibly put my dick in her muth and she started sucking it,I never felt so happy.My dream lady nude infront of me and sucking my dick.I then teared her panty.She told "nannu degu prashanth...mee uncle one week nunchi ledu....nannu dengu"(meaning fuck me...ur uncle is away since a week...fuck me).I inserted my dick into her pussy and fucked her the wjhole night.This continued for 1 month and then we left together for hyderabad.
My couisns used to go to schools and my uncle left ofice early.Me and aunty would be home alone all day as my college didnot start yet.We started our day with bathing together wer I used to give her a shot.Then post breakfast and post lunch sex.Those were the best days of my life.Unfortunately I had to leave hyderabad and come to USA for my undergraduate studies.I miss her a lot specially those nights of boob sucking and morning peeking while she is sweeping.
But I have ben to India thrice since and everytime I went there I enjoyed her.
Hopefully I might go India again or find someone like her in US.Please post ur comments I will feel happy.Will give me encouragement.
But I dont think anyone looks sexier ever than wen they r draped in a saree without blouse or bra..............

See you soon........
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