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Fucking Priya aunty in Kolhapur

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Fucking Priya aunty in Kolhapur

Post pillapuku » Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:59 pm

Hi to all readers, I’m new to this site but I like it very much. Now im want to share my first exp of sex with priya (name changed) aunty. Before to describe her, I ll tell the flash back of this story. Cmg to my self my name vijay,4m Kolhapur, I’m working in private company as a engineer. Due to my job work, I cme 2 Kolhapur on one year back.

I’m searching for room to stay at Kolhapur, at that time I met priya,like I asked her is there any vacant rooms for bachelors, she told two rooms of house is there in upstairs but I don’t know whether they will give for bachelors. I asked one request her, plz could u introduce me to them? She agreed and cme with me and introduced to the owners of that house

after little bit of conversation they agreed and shown rm to me. I liked the rm, it was two rooms with attached bathrooms. So I given advance to them and told me ll cme with in two days. I say thanks to her and return to my lodge. After two days I shifted my luggage to rm.cmg to priya aunty, she is 26 same like me bt due to early marriage she has one kid of 3yers old.

she has nice structure with 32-30-32.after sent her kid to school, she daily comes to my owner’s house for chit chat with owner’s wife..she saw me one day asked me, when did u cme etc.. etc? very few days we become very good frnds. she effetely comes to my rm to learn internet and computer, after chit chat with owner aunty. I never look her in that sense.

But one day my owners went to their native place for urgent work, they will not cme for two days. I like sex but due to shy I cant proceed with any one, to control my self, I watched bf’s and masturbate my self. So I forget to close the door on that day and watching bf and masturbate my self suddenly priya aunty cm to my rm,look at me for some time, I shocked to see her.

she looked at me for some time and ran way. After I shy to see my face to her. I try to avoid her. Few days later my owner came back. while I chat with owners aunty she suddenly cme and with her and wished me. I say hi and I went back to my rm, after some time she come to my rm, I dint expect that. she asked me how r u?

Im ok and I said sorry to her for that situation happened on that day. she said don’t need its common,why u feel shy, its feel happy and due to that confidence I asked her how was ur sex life? She told that, Her husband was working in sugar factory as a technician. so he is busy always in season and normal days also.

so we met twice or thrice in month only I understood that she is hungry of sex.she went back to her house after some time. I want to ask her to see u in birth day suit, but I don’t have guts to ask u, one day I asked her to see u in nude she saw angrily and went back, I afraid little bit did she complaint to my owner.

one month later my owner family went to their relative’s house for festival vacation. one day suddenly she come to my room and said,what ever u want to do me do it, its ur’s darling, I surprised. And I tightly hugged her given lip kiss for five minutes. she beat me and tell me that plz close the door. So I closed the door and cleaned my bed and slept her on my bed.

she asked me can u do massage? I replied why not, I brought cup of oil & cme to my bed rm, I removed her red saree. I taken oil in to my hands and starting massaging from her stomach and moves up to her boobs with one hand, with other hand I taken with saree and red langa to up. then I opened hooks of her jacket one by one massaging her boobs with out opening hers white bra.

she slowly stared moaning hhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..I got also mood and I opened her bra, put her boobs in mouth and squeezing for some time. one hand doing temptations in her pubic pussy. She started moaning loudly and tell plz fuck me lot. I opened her saree totally and removed her langa now she is in white panty only. I removed that and I was very excite to see her pussy.

it was covered with pubic hair in surroundings, I kissed her pussy and inserted my tongue in her pussy, she stared loudly shouting and beating me, and she removed my dress make me nude, she kept my 5’’ dick into her mouth and tasted it, I told her its comg out she told no problem, she swallowed of my sperm.

I put my dick in to her pussy and stating continous batting till the sperm comes out. We given break for 10 min and then we are in 69 position and again I stared batting with her that I done batting with her pussy on that 5 to 6 times and later we together bath and I asked her can I give one gift she asked whts that,

I replied ur branded lingerie’s but you promise me that it should wear in front of me,she comes towards me and tightly hugged giving a deep lip kiss. after that I purchased to her bra and panties, she weared in front of me and we enjoyed again lot when time is cooperating us. Please post your comments.

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