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Desi Sex Story : My emotional incident with my Sister in law

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Desi Sex Story : My emotional incident with my Sister in law

Post BlackBeauty » Tue Jul 28, 2009 2:12 pm

Desi Sex Story : My emotional incident with my Sister in law

My wife's younger sister, Ishita or Isha as we call her fondly, was 3 years younger to my wife. All names in this has been changed due to privacy reasons. She was still studying when I got married to her sister and hence was very tender and young. I never had any wrong feelings about her. I was pretty happy with my married sex life and hence had never thought of anyone else. Then I went to the US for work. I stayed there for about 6 years and used to visit India only once a year. I never had much interaction with Isha since she was shy by nature, coming from a very conservative rural family. I had only had some occasional conversation with her during the few times we had met.

She got married about three years back. I could not attend her wedding since I was in the US. When I returned to India the next time, I met Isha's husband for the first time. I was surprised to see him. My father-in-law was a very strict man and he had chosen Isha's groom. Isha was an average looking girl and hence he did not have many good choices. He chose the one who he thought was best - Ajay, a bank manager, who was 4 years elder to me (which means he was 9 years elder to Isha). He looked pretty old with very few hair left on his head probably due to all the stressful work he had been doing all these years. I could notice the feeling on Isha's face. She was definitely not happy with her married life. I asked my wife to talk to her to confirm and my guess was right. Ajay was a very hot tempered person and Isha was facing a lot of problems in her house. I felt very sad for her.

A year later, I returned to India for good and took up a job in my Mumbai. Ajay and Isha used to stay close to our new house and we used to visit them occasionally. It was in May last year when my wife had gone to her native place since my children had vacations for their school. Her brother was getting married too. I joined them two days before the marriage and stayed for another three days. Ajay had to leave the day after marriage since he had a lot of urgent work to take care of. Isha decided to stay back since she rarely had the chance to visit her native place. My father-in-law convinced Ajay that since I would be coming to Mumbai in 2-3 days, I would drop her. Ajay agreed and left.

Two days later I was driving back to Mumbai. My wife and younger kid stayed back. I was with Isha and my five year old elder son. Isha was in the back seat and my son in the passenger seat in front. She was deep in thought and probably not much interested in the magazine she was reading. She was even more silent than she used to be before her marriage. My son called her - Aunty, I am feeling sleepy, Can I come in the back? She said yes. I pulled the car over and son went back and slept with his head on Isha's lap. After another half an hour he was deep in sleep. I noticed that Isha was not able to sit comfortably and I asked her whether she wanted to sit in the front. She answered yes.

She came to sit in the front seat. After a little while, I started talking to her about general things. She would just reply in yes/no or only hmmm at times. I was very much moved by this and decided to speak to her about her married life. I asked her what was wrong. She said nothing. I persisted and asked her if something was wrong at home or between her & Ajay. She stayed silent and then suddenly burst into tears. I pulled over to the side of the road and calmed her down. She then slowly became normal and started telling about her problems. She told me how she had to forcible marry Ajay eventhough she did not like him. How she had problems with her husband's bad temper. Finally she told about her relationship with Ajay. It seems they had not been in good terms for a long time and hence there was nothing going on between them. I understood she meant sex. I asked her - is that why they did not have any children even after three years of marriage? She started weeping again. She said she had not had sex in past eight-nine months. I was shocked.

She thought something for a while and then bluntly said, Jiju, can I ask you for a favor? I said anything to help you. She said she wanted to know why her husband was ignoring her - was she not so attractive? I replied that was not true. She was fairly attractive and after marriage she had grown more beautiful. It was probably how they behaved at night that could be the problem. She asked what I meant. I asked her if they used to have good sex. She said it was always short and quick. She had lost interest due to this. I told her what the reasons could be and how they should indulge in foreplay and try different things to spice it up a little. She asked for more details. I thought she was probably getting aroused by all the sex talk. Me too started feeling a little stir in my pants. She asked whether I could help her in understanding these things. I replied yes. She held my hands and said thanks. We reached her home shortly. It was around 2 in the afternoon. She asked me to stay back and have lunch at her place. I offered to buy the lunch from outside. I dropped her and my son at her house and came back with some food. We had lunch then sat down in the living room for watching some TV. My son dozed off.

We went back to our discussion on sex. She was pretty aroused by now. She moved closer to me and said, why don't you show me the things rather than just telling them. I was held back for a moment. I looked at her more carefully - first in her eyes and then her body. There was a lot of anticipation in her eyes. For the first time in my life, I realised how sexy she had become. Her boobs and other feature had grown completely sexy. She was tall and well-built with nice round boobs and firm buttocks. I pulled her closer and kissed her passionately. She responded equally.

We moved to her bedroom and hurriedly undressed. There she was completely naked in front of me. I was fiesting my eyes on her body and she was staring at my cock. She had not seen one for a long time and was eagerly waiting to get it inside her. She pleaded me to fuck her quickly, but I was determined to give her her best fuck. I started caressing her boobs. Our lips were locked into each others lips and we stayed like that for some time. Then I laid her on the beck and started sucking her nipples. She was feeling the pleasure and was letting out deep breaths. I kissed all over her naval and stomach and moved my attention to her pussy. It was very wet already. I licked gently and then started sucking her pussy. She arched her body and then shaked vigorously. It was her first orgasm after many many days. I drank her pussy juices and then started finger fucking her. I rubbed on her g-spot and she was ecstatic with joy. She trembled and shaked and within seconds had her second orgasm. Now she took the charge and started stroking my penis which was already to its fullest length and ready to explode. I asked her to lay down and parted her legs. She had some unused condoms in the house. I put on one of them and placed my cock on her pussy entrance and rubbed it for a while. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it inside her pussy. She let out a half scream and then choked. My 8" cock was too much for her less fucked pussy. I waited for a moment and then started stroking. Initially it was a slow affair then I gained momentum. She was geeting used to the dick in her pussy and then I picked up up the pace. After about 10 minutes I was about to explode. I looked in her eyes and sensed that it was the same case with her. We both came almost together and I collapsed on top of her. We stayed motionless for some time. The slowly I got up. There was deep satisfaction on her face. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. I went to the bathroom to discard the condom.

She looked satisfied but I knew she was ready for more. Her hunger after no sex for months had to be fulfilled. I asked her if she was ready for round two. She looked surprised. How can we have sex again so soon. Will your dick be ready again? Her innocence made me crazy. I told her yes, if she wanted she could make my cock ready in minutes. She came forward and started rubbing my limp cock. I asked her whether she had ever given blowjob to Ajay. She replied never. I told her that men loved blowjobs and asked her to take my dick in her mouth. She hesitated for a moment then started sucking on my cock. I guided her on how and where to lick and suck and she followed the instructions nicely. Within a few minutes my cock was hard again and I asked her to get ready for some action. I made her bend near the corner of the bed. The started finger fucking her from the back. She let out sighs and gentle screams. When I was sure that there was enough wetness, I put on another condom and inserted my cock in her pussy from behind. This was new to her, but she so-operated very well. I stroked her in the standing position for some time and then fucked her in doggy-style. She enjoyed the fucking a lot. We continued our fucking for about half an hour. She had multiple orgasms during that time. I finally exploded inside her pussy for the second time.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. When we came back, Isha began weeping. I asked what the matter was. She said she was feeling guilty after having sex with me. She felt like she had cheated her sister. I took her face in my palms and wiped her tears. I explained that whatever happened between us was a without any bad intentions. It was just an incident which happened due to emotions. If it helped relieve her of her sorrow and pains, I would feel happy. She smiled and then kissed me. It was time for Ajay to be back from office. I woke up my son to go home. We got ready and left. It has been a few months since this incident. Isha and Ajay are now going along somewhat better. Their relationship is improving and I am sure everything will be OK in some more time. Eventhough we have met on numerous occasions after that day, sometimes even alone, we have never touched each other again. I had supplied her with a lot of informative books on sex which I am sure has helped a lot in improving their sexual relations.
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