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Sex with kannada actress Pavithra Lokesh

Post priyanka » Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:06 am

Hello dear friends, this is Prakash again continuing with the narration of a wonderful experience of sex with sex goddess Pavithra Lokesh. I think you all might have enjoyed the first part of the experience. Hope you will like about it. If so then kindly reply me .She walked towards the kitchen saying that she'll prepare some tea for me. I couldn’t leave the view of her and hence I followed her while staring at her beautiful ass from behind. Now when I reached kitchen, she was preparing tea for me and I was enjoying the treat in front of my eyes. She asked me how much amount of shooting required to be done. Well my whole body was burning and a big bulge was visible through my pant, which I didn't try to hide. Suddenly she turned towards me and gave the tea and went to the hall and switched on the TV. I followed her with the tea and she looked at me and gave a smile. After a while she asked me “Prakash what happened. Is there something wrong? From the moment you came in I am observing that you are dumb folded and you are looking at something. What actually you are looking at?” With a low voice and putting up lot of courage, I told her that she looks very beautiful in that saree. In turn Pavithra said thanks and asked me to prepare for the shoot. Then putting up all my courage I expressed to her “the photo shoot is over and I am here just to show her the photos and get the permission from her to print it.” Listening to it she got astonished as she didn’t know of the shooting. “When did the shooting got over Prakash?” Oh the question raised my eyebrows but gave me a chance to express the thing which was constantly ringing in my mind. I got really horny at that time, so I now took the photos out of my bag and showed it to her. I was just watching her face change from a calm look into a tense one. She just got so much shocked that she did not utter a word for a moment and was just kept on seeing the photos. “How could this happen? From where you got this?” She screamed in anger. I calmly replied “well I came in the morning pavithra when you were having fun with your brother and Darshan. You were so involved that you did not notice me taking photos from your bed room window.” She was absolutely stunned. “So now I want to print these photos in the magazine. What you have to say?” I asked with a wicked smile. She was dumb and then she asked “Prakash now as you know about all this, what amount do you expect to keep silence and handover the originals.
I with a laugh said “Pavithra do you think I am a fool to waste such an opportunity for just earning few thousands od rupees. If you think like that then you are wrong Pavithra. What I want from you is to surrender your beautiful sexy body to me for a night.” Now I was expecting her to invite me for a hot fuck, but instead of talking anything she maintained silence for about 5 minutes and that 5 minutes was the most tensioned 5 minutes of my life, because I know that this is the best opportunity for me, but nothing really was happening. I felt bad and I was really tensed for not getting a reply from her. I could understand her dilemma and the shock she is going through. So I maintained silence and after keeping the tea cup on the bench I sat on a chair beside the sofa on which she was sitting. She again gave a glance and remained silence. I broke the silence between us by asking “why you are not saying anything. Either you give permission to print or surrender your slender sexy body to me.” She said that it's wrong to do that stuff with me. I laughed and said “Well Pavithra if you can allure your own brother into this then why not me.” I was not ready to let this opportunity go because there's no return from this point without fucking this sexy queen bitch. So when I stood up to convince her, my dick which was fully erect showed a huge bulge in the pant and I think she noticed it.
I knelt on my knees and was now holding both of her knees while she was sitting on the sofa. Because of this her left leg up to the knee was visible through the opening of the lower end of her transparent saree. I suddenly kissed on her left knee and looking deep into her eyes said "please pavithra only once just once" she kept her hand on my head and asked me to leave her leg and sit beside her. I said only if she agrees then I will do that, she said ok. So I stood up and sat next to her on the sofa. Now pavithra had a look at my face and said that she will give me a hand-job and nothing more than that. But I wanted more as I had seen in the morning what this lady can do with a man on bed and more over who in this world would want to miss the opportunity of sucking those huge breasts. So I said “Pavithra I want to feel your boobs, lick them and suck the nipples, they are worth dying.” She said no and I felt very angry. Looking at my angered face, I think she got horrified. In a low voice she said “prakash you are black mailing me. I will give you whatever the money you demand for but please leave me and handover those photos to me.” But I didn’t care to listen to her sweet voice. She tried to consol me but I was adamant. Then she offered me one more option. “Ok prakash I can allow you to just feel my breast with clothes on, while I will give a hand job to your one.” I said ok and followed her to her bedroom. She was standing near the bed where she was fucked hard in the morning. Looking at that bed itself my mind recalled all those events which took place hours before and my dick was getting more and more eager to meet her. I was getting desperate now and wasting no time, I started touching each and every part of Pavithra’s body from her toes to her hair, like a mad person telling all sorts of things, and was caressing on both cheeks, arms, knees, boobs (without undressing her) almost everywhere with clothes on. She said it's enough and she'll now give a hand job, I knew that if this bitch touches my dick that'll be the end. I was damn sure that i’ll shoot my load at the very moment she touches my dick which was like a hot iron rod. Since I was still a virgin that time, I was feeling that much more aroused. I said to pavithra that I would like to do it as long as possible.
Hence I didn't let her open my pants. I knew at the back of my mind that if I can keep this going until around some time, then I can arouse her and I will get a chance to fulfill my dream of fucking her. After doing a lot of caressing on her entire sexy body which had given me a big hard on, I started lifting her saree from her legs. Simultaneously I started licking her legs and moving my hands on her inner legs, which she didn't try to stop. That gave me courage and I moved my hands out of saree and shifted it over to her silky soft stomach. I gripped her sleek tummy from either side with my hands and planted couple of kisses in and around her round navel. I think that aroused her as she held my head with her fingers. This gave me indication that slowly she is feeling the urge for sex. Now getting more courage I moved my hands on to her boobs over the blouse, caught hold of them with both hands and started to fondle with them. To my surprise pavithra didn’t say neither any word nor she was stopping me from my act. Oh the feeling was building inside me and the constant squeezing of those soft melons made me go out of control. I felt that my penis was ready to ejaculate with my pants on, but I do a lot of exercise and keep myself fit because I knew that it will help in fucking. So I controlled my ejaculation and licked all over her white tummy. When I looked at her face she had closed her eyes and was now slowly starting to rest her body on the bed with full feelings. Now seeing the opportunity, I started to cover over her body and after couple of minutes had fully laid on her and started sucking her lips. Wow what a juicy red hot lips she possessed. I was sucking it like a honey sucking nectar from a flower. A lot of hot saliva was flowing between our lips and now I concentrated on sucking her tongue. We were kissing and kissing a Lot without stopping. I don't know how long I kissed her but I heard her moaning saying "love u" and which gave a green signal for me to fuck her.Now I’m like a hungry lion starving for its prey. I grasped the pallu of her saree and pushed it aside and then pulled the frills of the saree between the tummy and petticoat and put off the saree in a flash off her body and again to my surprise she did not tell me anything. There she was lying on bed in her blouse and petticoat. I caressed her breasts over the tight deep blouse and also squeezed her silky tummy. Soon I found the knot of the petticoat holding it on her body. I pulled the string and as it loosened, I pulled the petticoat down. She helped me by lifting her bums and that gave a clear idea that now pavithra wanted to enjoy it. I threw her petticoat to the side on the floor and started licking her hot cunt which was already overflowing with hot juice. Now pavithra was shouting like hell, and the heat was getting to her I suppose. She by herself unhooked the blouse hooks at the front and uncapped her breasts by widening the blouse. Now my sexy dream lady was lying on bed in just a bra. She then moved her hands to her back and within a minute took off her bra as well. It was all happening so soon than what I had expected and I was just viewing it with open mouth and eyes. Saliva was overflowing from my mouth while down under my dick was poking more and more against my pants. I was glad that I viewed one of the beautiful shaped and soft boobs. I started licking her boobs. The intent of sucking was so much that now pavithra begged me to fuck her. She said “oh prakash, I cannot hold on much… please tear my cunt and ass". I said “oh sure darling” and I stood up and undid all my clothes within a minute to reveal my heavy stud to the view of my sexy dream girl. She seemed happy with the size I possessed and she grabbed it with her hand and gave a tight squeeze between her palm and fingers. That made some of my precum to flow out and drop on her tummy. Now she understood my position and hence she took the dick and placed it right over her pussy lips. I gave a strong push but the dick was not going inside smoothly. Hence she widened the pussy lips with her fingers tips and then asked me to give a hard push. Now with all my energy I gave a hard push and because of which my dick entered into her pussy. I think that's the most wonderful feeling in my life. Her hole wasn't that tight, since she had been fucked many times unlike me. I knew I could not keep this long. So I fucked her with all the force in the world, while my hands were grabbing her boobs and my lips sucking her nipps. And in few minutes I shot a huge load inside her. (I never shot such a big load in my life) I felt relieved on one side where as on the other in my mind I thought whether I did it early. Did not I satisfy my sexy lady?
Hence I asked her whether I have cummed so early. She said its ok for a virgin and I did a great job in the foreplay. Along with it she also mentioned that her brother adi had given up in just 5 minutes during their first sexual intercourse. We both lay on bed for about 10 minutes. I knew no virgin can fuck this long time on the first fuck but my mad passion towards pavithra kept me going. I told her "Pavithra I love you so much and I wanted to do this forever with you”. I kissed her a lot even after fucking her. My dick was looking so big. I never felt so big in my life forever. I was stunned for a moment, when she asked me that she wanted to suck my dick. She was looking at my face for the answer and without any doubt I said ok and sat on the edge of the bed. Pavithra came near to the dick of mine and started taking my dick inch by inch into her juicy red lips. I felt the warmth of her mouth as she gasped in my dick deep inside the mouth. She was a real good sucker. She was sucking hard, just like those women who suck in porn movies. My head was spinning because of the wonderful feeling, and she was looking right into my eyes which made the situation sexier. Oh my dream sexy lady was kneeling before me and was sucking My dick with so much passion. It seemed all like a dream itself. It took me a bit long to cum this time and she insisted me to cum inside her mouth itself. She didn't leave a drop of sperm out and drank the whole stuff. I asked her to keep on sucking until I get ready because I wanted to fuck her as much as possible, which she did. Around 6'o clock we played the second round, I couldn't find a condom so raw fucked her pussy in doggy style from behind. We completed our sexual drive at around 7:30 p.m. And she kissed me and said “adi may come around 8 and I don’t want him to know about this. So le me take a bath before adi returns home.” I said ok and left her after parting some kisses all over her body, especially on those two big milky barrels. I picked up my clothes, put them on and once more had a complete view of the sexy curvaceous body of pavithra and planting kisses said good bye to her and left for my home telling her that i’ll be there tomorrow morning.So next day morning on my request she had postponed her shooting for a day. I reached pavithra’s home at the early hours of 8 a.m. But seeing that adi was still there at home, I kept on waiting for him to leave. It was around 9.15 that adi left in his car. As soon as he left for the shoot, I knocked the door of his home. My sexy pavithra came and opened the door and was initially shocked to see me so early at the door steps. She gave a big smile and took me inside the house and pushed the door back. She asked me “what happened to you Prakash why you are so early at my home today? I am not ready for the photo shoot” I replied “well you very well know pavithra. I cannot stay away from you for even an hour and it’s been more than 12 hours past when I last touched you.” She again burst into laugh listening to me but I think she understood the feeling going inside me. She asked “what I was going to do to her.”
I did not tell her anything and just smiled. That day she was in her sleeveless pink nighty having deep neck which showed more of her deep cleavage between those two big ripe mangoes. So the look aroused me and I planted kisses on her cheeks, lips and neck while squeezing her boobs, tummy and ass. So after formal greetings and kissings I asked pavithra “where are the servants no body seem to be there at home.” “Well I have given them a day off” she said while having a light smile on her red lips. Saying that she went to the kitchen brought tea and snacks. We were sitting in the drawing room. After finishing the snacks and tea I asked pavithra openly to show me her round big boobs and sexy pussy with equally well shaped ass. Pavithra became wondered after hearing my direct proposal. I think she did not expect such behaviour and talking from me only after a day I explored her. She looked at me in a shock but I gave a wink and a naughty smile and that made her to smile. She got up and stood still in the middle of the living room. I got up and pulled the string of her nighty to open it wide near her breasts and made it to fall on ground. Now she stood with only the bra and the panty. Her boobs and ass were very seductive. I pulled her towards me and soon she fell on my lap and I put across my hand over her shoulder on to her soft breasts. I felt her big ass on my lap and started to fondle it. “Oh pavithra your ass is so soft and big and it is crushing my dick. Oh I cannot bare it.. Ahhhhh….” Saying so, I pushed her panty down to expose the top of her ass cheeks and her lovely pussy. I was fondling my pavithra's big sized boobs. Soon I unhooked her bra and tried to pull it over her shoulder. Hence she raised her arms to help me. As she raised her arms, I saw her armpits and immediately I put my mouth there and started to lick the sweat in them. I slide the bra out of her shoulder and now she stood before me completely naked. She did not even try to cover her boobs by folding her arms over it. Instead she unzipped my pant and pulled out the erect cock. Without uttering a single word, she started sucking it. Oh I could not believe that she was such a sexy bitch and good sucker. I enjoyed it too much and moaned slowly. Soon she Intensified her sucking speed and I was ramming my dick deep inside her mouth. She vigorously sucked it till my dick shot a load of hot cum inside her mouth. She was consuming cum and was taking it in. But this time as the load I shot was more some amount of cum was over flowing out of her mouth. Cum trickled from the sides of her lips and was flowing on her chin and down to her throat over her golden chain. Oh what a sight.After she sucked me dry, I grabbed one of her tits, and licked and sucked it clean ending up with gently biting her big hard nipple. After that I slowly moved my finger into her pussy from behind and began to rub her pussy. Now I asked pavithra to knell down on the floor and she did oblige. Her ass now prominently stood in front of my eyes and it was so attractive. I slapped her ass and told her how sexy lady she is. I soon put my cock all over her naked body and she loved the way I moved it all along her body. Because of the movement of it over her entire body it got back its erection. Now I made pavithra to lie on the floor and spread her legs wide. I soon began to push inside my bare dick deep inside her pussy. She was cooperating with me by lifting her hips with each of my push. I was pushing inch after inch of my erect dick into her pussy and she was taking it with much pleasure. We two were so involved in the act that we missed the opening of the door and the entry of adi inside the house. (in the heat of excitement pavithra had just pushed the door and had forgotten to lock it) I found adi standing next to where I was fucking his own sister. He was standing there in full shock. I could understand what is going through his mind. I removed my dick off pavithra’s pussy and stood up. Pavithra was now full of shame and she pulled the sofa spread and tried to put it across her body to cover her boobs and pussy. I was standing with my dick covered by her petticoat. She stood up just covering her boobs and pussy.
There was a complete silence. Then adi looked at me and said “you rascal, this is what you gave in return to my friendship. Did not you feel anything when you are having sex with my sister?” I gave a smile and said to adi “Hey cool down adi, just have a look at her. Don’t you get lust in your eyes to see her body? Don’t your hands itch to touch them? Moreover haven’t you touched those sexy body and put your dick inside that heavenly pussy. Don’t be so mean minded adi. I know you are having sex with your sister. Your sister is such a sexy women that any man would like to give a nice fuck.” I paused for a moment and continued “Hey adi your sister is not meant to be protected. God has given her all the beauty so that we can enjoy that. Then why on the earth do you want to shed her from all the fun. Let her have some fun and more than that let us have the opportunity to view one of the god’s best creations.” Now adi got into the mood listening to all the praises about his sister. We both had a look at pavithra who was still standing while keeping that plane transparent sofa spread against her boobs and pussy. Adi stretched his arm and held the end of the spread and pulled it. Pavithra let it fell down on floor and she showed her wonderful body to us once again. Both of us were dumb again as we were busy viewing pavithra in her born suit. After couple of minutes, adi moved his finger onto her boobs and held them and started squeezing them. I began to rub her pussy. Then Pavithra bent and put her hand on adi’s pants to remove it. She removed his pant and freed his hard cock. Adi too had possessed a nice firm hard cock. Now I came from the back and hugged her tight from back and soon adi hugged his naked sister from the front. Both of our cocks were poking against her body. I could see my lady shiver with the touch of two cocks and the rubbing of them on her body. Now my cock started to harden more and more. Adi was enjoying the touch of her soft boobs and was playing with them. “Oh yes adi your sister has got such a nice boobs” I whispered “Press them hard and squeeze it out.” Adi squeezed the boobs And I rubbed the nipples more and more. We both suckled on the boobs of my lady. After satisfying ourselves with boobs I told Adi to concentrate on her ass and pussy. He told that he wanted her pussy to be fucked first. He ordered his own sister to bend forward and show us the ass hole by spreading it with her own hands. Adi had nice imagination and I loved what he said. Pavithra looked at me and I looked at her. I could see LUST in her eyes now. She bent and taking her hands behind caught her ass cheeks and spread them to show us her own ass hole. She spoke for the first time “Oh Come on fuck me. Nan ee tullu na nim ibara tunne inda tumbi, kaidu kaidu maaja kod barooo.. Inn nan sahane parikshe maad byaadi” I asked adi to give his dick for Pavithra to suck. He hurriedly went and put his dick into his sister’s mouth. He pushed his 8 inches cock in her mouth. The slut greedily swallowed the whole thing and sucked on the dick. I was watching this and was rubbing my lovely cock making it ready for my lady to take. Then Adi asked me to take lady to the master bedroom and put on bed. So we three according to the wish of adi went to the master bed room and laid her on the double bed on her back. My lady then spread her legs wide open inviting us to fuck her hard. Adi came between her thighs, lifted pavithra's legs on his shoulder and pushed his 8 inch cock in her cunt. Adi’s cock went easily up to the hilt. Then I went to the face of my lady and offered my prick to her opened mouth. My sexy lady swallowed my cock easily. I watched the show and my already hard cock swelled more. The view was so erotic. My lady started to suck a cock and fuck another. After rigorous pounding, adi was able to bury his dick deep inside pavithra’s pussy and I was on the verge of giving my cum for the second time inside her mouth. She was ecstatic and finally we all three had an orgasm simultaneously. Adi let his load of cum deep inside her body and I let my cum in her mouth only to be sucked by her. We all were very exhausted and we all collapsed on the bed. I was lying on one side while adi was on the other side and in between we had our sexy queen. Each one of us was fondling her tits. We had a break for an hour after which lady went into kitchen and brought some fruits. We took fruits and got some energy back.
Now Adi asked me to fuck her too. I told him yes. Now the second round started. This time I spread myself over my sexy queen’s body and hugged tightly. I started kissing her wildly. I covered my lips with her and took her tongue inside my mouth. I sucked her saliva and kissed her passionately. Then I put two pillows under her sexy ass and further widened my legs and inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking me. Adi went near to her face and rubbed his dick all over her face and boobs. His dick got erected and now he inserted it into her mouth. I was more powerful than adi and was pounding her pussy with much more intensity. Same time adi was moaning due to pleasure. And what to say about pavithra? She was over the moon. Both of us fucked her up and down and released our sperm inside her mouth and pussy. I was totally exhausted as so were the sister and brother. We took some rest. After some time I looked at pavithra who was lying next to me. The view of her hard nips facing the ceiling made me mad again and I put my lips on it and started sucking it. Seeing that adi also joined me and sucked her right nip. We two men were sucking the nips as if we were just born babies. Pavithra was ecstatic and was moaning loud and heavily. She held our dicks with each of her hands and started to push the foreskin up and down. With the touch of her soft skin of hands, our dick became erect again and she was now squeezing, pulling and teasing our cocks while we were busy sucking on her nips. She was so good in handling the dick that we both were feeling just like fucking a tight virgin pussy, while it was just her hands which was giving a nice feeling. Soon I felt my pressure building and I looked at adi and he had closed his eyes and was feeling it. In the next moment, my dick exploded another load of Thick cum but this time straight on pavithra’s face. Her face was hit by my jet of cum and also part of it landed on her forehead, hair. Then adi also ejected his cum over his sister’s face and body. Oh pavithra’s face was now completely covered by our thick cum’s and her face was glowing more than ever. Her thick black hair was completely messed up with our cum. She was on top of heaven as we both were. She released her grip from our dicks and was about to get up from bed. As she got up, our two semens which had already mixed on her face started to move down to her neck and then on her boobs. The view was so wonderful. She invited us for a hot steamy bath. We all took bath together. We applied soap on each other body. We really enjoyed the bath.We still enjoy a very nice rapport together.

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Post seemasimham » Thu Nov 26, 2009 9:54 pm

i newer seen this awesome thanks bhai
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