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Boob Sucking Experience of Anita

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Boob Sucking Experience of Anita

Post maddy4you » Sun Aug 24, 2008 11:19 pm

this is Chenna from Bangalore and completed my engineering in 2006, I would like to share an experience which happened to me during the marriage of my cousin brother.

First I would like to give some introduction; I am 6.2 feet tall with good figure from an orthodox family, I am very horny and I was in my final semester during the time of that incident, about my cousin; she is my uncle’s daughter with good structure and of height 5.8feet. Her name is anitha and she was doing her second PUC at that time, she is a buxom girl with full of passion towards sex. Being relative we had a wonderful experience sexually which I am going to explain in the subsequent paragraphs.

My cousin brother’s house is located adjacent to my house, and my cousin brother was having his marriage on February 11th 2006 and the incident took place on 10th of that month. My brother’s house was fully packed with relatives and some of the relatives were in my house along with anitha, on that day there was a cricket match of our country and my father and my uncle were watching the match along with me and anitha, me on the single sofa and beside the single sofa there was a cot and to the end of the cot she was sitting very close to me, my father was sitting in another sofa which is very close to the TV and my uncle was sitting on the other side of the cot watching the match with full interest.

While watching the match anitha put her hand on my shoulder so that her elbow was resting on my shoulder whereas her palm was on my chest, since we were very close relatives we used to mingle very closely and I used to touch her boobs as if I am touching it without any intention, since she was my relative I did not have the boldness to exceed beyond that, on that day considering the position we both were sitting I had good opportunity to touch her bust, while she was resting on me her palm was trying to touch my chest intentionally which I found out by her actions, by coming to know about her intention I got courage to touch her bust, I slowly took my right hand and kept on my left shoulder where her hand was resting so that there is only a few centimeters between my hand and her bust. I slowly moved my hand so that it just touches her bust and she to respond very well by moving closer to me which made my hand to touch her bust.
By seeing her response I got full courage and I pressed her bust fully where as she was watching the TV as if nothing was going on and covering with the other hand so that my uncle is not able to see what is going on there, I started playing with her bust for a while and simultaneously kissing her hand.

After playing for a while I told her to come to the 1st flour of my house, she was reluctant to come on the top but still I convinced her to come on the top, first I went on the top and waited there, after a while she came there I without wasting any time hugged and kissed all over her while pressing her back tightly, she too was in full mood and responded very well by tightly hugging me and I told her to remove her top which she hesitantly did, wow what a wonderful picture I am seeing there and I was not able to believe that my mouth is only few inches away from sucking my lovely cousin’s boobs which I started without wasting any time. It was an awesome experience holding her big black nipples in my mouth which I did for around 3 to 4 minutes and I told her to remove her bottom, but she did not do that and she was very much frightened and saying she want to leave the place, and after sucking her bust for some more time I let her go. And this incident which happened to me a day before my cousins marriage was an unforgettable one to me, after which whenever we had an opportunity I would never miss to press her bust and touch her private parts with her dress.
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Post loveguru » Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:29 pm

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Post cheating_wife » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:43 am

Hey man.. nice post yar.. post more stories yar..
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Post pramila » Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:30 pm

hey bro its a nice story... keep it up
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Post chunni » Mon Nov 16, 2009 5:54 am

wah bhai kya mast kahani hai...
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