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Fucking maid servant Saritha - Desi erotic story

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Fucking maid servant Saritha - Desi erotic story

Post desimasalamate » Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:51 am

Fucking maid servant Saritha - Desi erotic story

We used to have a maid servant who was really old but sometimes she would come to our house accompanied by her grand daughter saritha. Saritha was around 25 years old... Around 5ft 4 inches tall with a nice olive complexion. She had a pretty baby-like round face and nice hair. But her breasts were really huge for someone who was so short.

Even her ass was a thing of beauty...whenever she would accompany her grandmother she would just sit outside our house in the garden and i would purposefully sit on a chair in the lawn pretending to read the newspaper while stealing glances at her heavy boobs and her beautiful ass. Sometimes she would get up and walk around and her boobs would jiggle around driving me completely crazy. It was obvious that she had no bra underneath her chooridar. Perhaps she could not afford one. On these occasions my heart would start beating twice as fast, i would find it difficult to speak and my penis would become rock hard. I think she was aware of the fact that i was looking at her and sometimes i used to think that she may complain to my mom or something but then i realized that she was a maid and nobody would believe anything she would have to say.

In any event, this continued for a few days and with each passing day, my desire to have sex with saritha was becoming stronger and stronger. As luck would have it, my folks received a call from one of my relatives informing them that there had been a death in the family.

It was not a close relative but my parents were required to go. They asked me if i would like to go with which i flat out refused. Just the anticipation of having saritha around without having to worry about my folks was killing i told my folks that i would rather stay at home since i had to work on a "project" for my college. The next day my folks left for my relative's place for some days. For the next few days, my old maid servant came along with saritha...but i could not pick up the courage to do anything to saritha.

Sometimes i would wish that the old woman would just drop dead so that i could get a chance to greedily suck on saritha's breasts while fingering her pussy at the same time. After just a couple of days, saritha came alone to my house.

I asked her where her grandmother was...she replied that her grandmother had gone to her village to celebrate a local festival called chhat and she had asked saritha to work in our house. This was probably the second time that we had spoken to each other and her voice sounded very innocent. She was also wearing a somewhat torn chooridar and i could see the outline of her tight breasts just begging to come out of it. I immediately got a hard-on and my mouth became dry at the thought of saritha working in my house without either my folks or that old hag of a grandmother to bother me. All my fantasies were about to come true! Saritha was supposed to clean all the rooms i entered the restroom and decided to take a bath. I took off all my clothes and started bathing with the door wide open.

Saritha would definitely come to the restroom to collect water so the thought of her seeing me naked just made me go wild and i had a huge erection. I was finding it difficult to focus and was getting really horny. After a few minutes saritha came to the restroom and she saw me there...and her eyes fell on my erection. She uttered and left that place in a hurry. But she did not leave the house so this emboldened me. At this time i was really very aroused. I then decided to wear a thin pair of bermudas because i wanted to expose my erection to saritha and i started watching tv. There was not much to clean so saritha came to the room where i was sitting and said “finished work". Then she asked me "can i watch t.v?" i was thinking that saritha wanted to go home because of what i had done... But she was instead asking if she could watch tv! So i said "yes.” And asked her to sit. She sat on the floor. I stood right next to her for sometime. I had a huge erection and because i was not wearing any underpants, it was very visible to saritha.

Then i purposely switched the tv off...and pretended as if something went wrong with it. I guess, she was too poor to afford a tv so she could not figure anything out. I then said...saritha...i have some movies on my u want to watch them?

She said i pulled a chair next to my computer chair and asked her to sit there. I had a decent collection of indian soft porn movies and some hot songs hidden away somewhere on my computer. Then i lied to saritha that i was actually an aspiring director of hindi movies.

I told her that i was studying in a film school in mumbai. She was a maid servant so believed it easily. All this time my whole body was shaking a little bit because i all this time saritha was watching my erection. Then i asked her if she would like to see some songs and scenes from movies which i had helped in directing. She said…" really? Did u directed film?". I said …"yes. Do u want to watch?" to which she replied that she would like to see them. I then started showing her some english porno songs.
She started watching some songs silently…i could not control myself anymore and i suddenly started feeling her boobs and smooching her. She was not opening her lips but she did not seem to resist…so i kept kneading her breasts…and smooching her.

Then i removed her chooridar and started licking her boobs. As i had suspected she was not wearing any bra. She had really big boobs with pink nipples. Her boobs were very soft to touch…like soft pillows but were also very firm.

I was a little afraid to take the next step…but i did it anyways. I put my hands inside her salwar and grabbed her ass…and at the same time…i dropped my bermudas a little so that my rock hard penis was on full display. All this time…saritha had not said a single word.

I removed saritha's salwar and saw that she was wearing a white panty….for some time…i was trying to finger her pussy by putting my hands inside her panty..but finally i took her by the hand pushed her on the bed nearby and pulled her panties down.

Her cunt looked a little small and it had pubic hair on it but it was not very bushy or anything. Now saritha was completely naked and i noticed that her eyes were shut tight. She then said…sir, wat r u doing?' i did not say anything and instead i started licking her cunt.

At this point…she started to pull her legs together tightly so as to not expose her vagina…but i applied a little bit of pressure to her legs to part them. After sometime she stopped resisting…and i went on licking her cunt while kneading her breasts with my hands.

Saritha's eyes were still tightly shut…and she was clutching the bed sheet very tightly with her hands. Her cunt had a faint odor to it…which i found really very pleasant…it tasted a little bit like raw fish. I have always had a foot fetish…so i decided to lick her feet…

Her feet were smooth with no hair. I licked her toes…they were dirty…because she was a maid servant..but i found this to be an incredible turn on. I then also licked her armpits…they were also a little hairy and sweaty…which i was really delighted to lick.

Then i took my hard penis…and started rubbing it on her cunt…at this time she opened her eyes and..she said "sir please…" but i grabbed her face and started smooching her…and then i pushed my penis into her vagina. It was a heavenly feeling…

I could feel her warm vaginal flesh around my penis…and then i started pumping a little steadily…i think she was not a virgin…because she just lay there and took the pounding…but she was giving little moans of pain intermixed with pleasure.

She then said.."paining". But at that time…i was not listening to anything…and when i was about to climax, i somehow managed to pull my penis out and came on top of her belly. It was not worth risking getting this servent pregnant.

I then laid on top of her naked body for sometime…she was sweating a lot. I then told her would u like to do love and this continued for 3 years and i left that premised to the other side of hyderabad.
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Post hero » Sun May 17, 2009 12:05 am

simply superb
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