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Seduced kitu - Desi Sex Story

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Seduced kitu - Desi Sex Story

Post LoveByte » Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:34 am

Seduced kitu - Desi Sex Story

I am 28 yrs old guy with good physique, and all skills and abilities to satisfy women's sexual needs. I will give my contact further. Now my story starts when i was 22 yrs old passed out my engineering recently and i was trying for further studies so i was at home after the college. I was a good student specially, good at engineering drawing. Then my aunty told me will you teach a student in first semister of engineering and she is frightened by subject engineering drawing ed. I did not know about the student it was decided that the student will come to my home every evening. Next morning a girl came to my home along with a man. The man was the son of my aunt's friend and he told me her sister has taken admission in engineering and week in drawing. That day i seen her for the first time a slim girl with average looks, she wasnot fair but not completely dark, wearing yellow salwar kameez.

I tell you friends before that in my school and college time i was studious and shy type never had any girl friends so virgin at all. There was no tution fee as it was a matter of family friends of my aunty.

From the same evening she started comming to my home for learning ed. I was having my personal room on the roof of our house. So we started studies there, free from disturbances only my mom or aunt use to serve us some snacks during the studies. She was very bad at drawing and i started to let her understand things gradually we become very comfortable with each other to talk other than studies she was only 18 yrs of age and from a girlschool.

Till that time i was not looking her from that angle we we just friends. Even after going back to her home she used to call me and talk to me for about half an hour.
One day one of my friend came to me and told me to watch some movies at his home on computer. I went to his place watched a hindi movie then he showed me a x rated movie also after seeing that movie i was aroused, it was not that it was my first x rated movie, this time was different because i was in comapny with a girl. That night i masturbated many times. Next day i decided to somehow do something to make my student have sex with me.

Same evening she came to my house and we started studying and as always my mom served us some snacks and left us alone. Now i started looking at her with a different view, she was wearing regular blue salwar kameez, was looking cute, tanned face, small globes and through her long cut kameez i was able to see her thies. I was having a look on each and every part of her body and she was unaware of that. It was normal i touch her hands and she also by mistake. By mistake i touched her hands, i felt excited and aroused sexually somehow i hidden the bulge in my pants from her.

Now i was in planning how to arouse her for sex, by the way her name was kitu. Now i started talking to her more about her interests and hobbies, i started to talk about her cloths and colors. Now more about type of cloths and the way she likes them and i like them. Then i told her i like girls in skirt and top, she asked why i told just like that, she insisted in telling the reasons, for this particular choice, i teased her by saying no i wont tell, then she insisted further, then i told her i will tell her the reason but she has to promise me that she wont be angry, then she said yes then i told her that i like skirt because its easy to reach thies and cunt. She was surprised to listen to that didnt said anything after that. She seemed to be innocent and ignorant.

Next evening i talked to her again about cloths and stuff, she was ok with that. I knew i have triggered a spark in her. One day i heard the sound of her scooty quickly i started masturbating and put a bedsheet over. She came to my room and shocked and ask what i was doing. And i told him i was pleasing myself than i told her how and showed my dick to her masturbating, she was shy and told me are you shameless, i said i am not. She was shy but curious to see my dick, i told there is nothing wrong in pleasing oneself. That day i told my aunty not to disturb us as there is kitu's test next day. So she was getting embarassed by seeing me masturbating in front of her. I am sure she started getting wet that time. I asked her if she wants to have pleasure, she said no. I tried to touch her arms. She said dont touch me, i told as you wish. I just told this is the greatest pleasure of life. I tried to ask her i will try just once and it wouldnt harm her, she said no. I said please please please, then she was confused and told me ok but just once. I grabbed her hands and put over my dick, she felt like she touched electric current. I put some cold cream on my dick and told her to squeez it, she started doing, and enjoyed, after sometime i cam over my pants. I told her to stop.

Now she said its done now i am going, i told this is just half, half is remaining. I told her to sit her on a chair and stood on one side. I thought this is the chance to give her final blow, so i started opening her salwar, she hesitated and told me what you are doing, dont do that. I told let me try for one min, if you are not ok i will stop after one min. Then without hurry i inserted my hand in her salwar and put hands over her thies and touched them gently and quickly inserted finger in her panty and started fingering her love hole. She was in heaven. After one min she shown no sighn of resistance, i made the fingering faster and faster deep in her pussy with two fingers, she was moaning. After some time she came one with juices flowing out of her cunt. Now i knew how to handle than i removed her salwar and panty and started licking her lovehole, she was in extream pleasure. I stopped after sometime and now started pressing small but pretty globs over her kameez. She was arousing more and more, i told her its needed to remove her kameez and she agreed i removed her kameez and bra also and started fondling her globes. But i felt the sexy part in her is her arms i touched her arms kissed them and again i my dick was ready to ravage her fress cunt.

I got a condom alreay with me i wore that and started inserting my heavy dick in her small cunt she was not ready for it and resited me, i told her dont worry i will not harm you, i gently inserted and increased the speed of my storkes gradually. That was our first sex experience. Now i removed my dick and started licking and finger it wildly and when she as about to cum i again put my dick and started with much force. She came and i didnt stop and after some time i also came in the condom. I asked her anybody done this to you before she said no, then i asked her she was supposed to bleed in her first time, she told me she already broken by seal while playing 6 months back.

Then she thanked for giving most pleasurable momement of her life. Then i everyday during the studies i use to fondle her her boobs, she use to sit on my lap, sometimes during studies i finger her. Then time elapsed and she passed in drawing in her semister with good marks.
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Post masalaguru » Mon May 11, 2009 2:22 am

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Post terminator » Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:20 pm

thanks brother its working realy thanks again
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