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Lesbians in Beauty parlour - Sex Story

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Lesbians in Beauty parlour - Sex Story

Post sunny » Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:06 am

Lesbians in Beauty parlour - Sex Story

I am 26 year old married I frequently visit a near by beauty parlor and the 30 years old woman who is running the parlor and I became very close immediately with in first 3 to 5 visiting, that beauty parlor will be always free so we both speak about all the stuff generally our discussions will be more concentrated on sex, she too married and also had sex with other persons apart from her husband she always tells about her experiences with her boy friends, how ever those stories will be erotic and will made me to excite so I like to hear her stories.

One day she forced me to take an oil massage, so I agreed then she closed the front doors of the shop and took me to the room inside there she removed all my clothes and made me to lay on the coach she brought some oil and started massaging me, she was rubbing and pinching and caressing my body and my excitements very building high she knew my position and she started to play with me immediately she took off all her clothes and became nude her tits were beautiful but not as big as mine she is rather fatty than me her thighs were very nice she squeezed my breasts and I too did the same and started suck my cunt it was very new to me and giving pleasure of my life after a while I climaxed while leaving I said her thanks, she welcomed.

Such an acts became more in the same week I was getting every thing which I was not getting by my husband the next day while having an act with her I heard some body rushing into the room from the bathroom I surprised to see 2 huge guys coming holding their enormous cocks I was shocked and was in an urge to close my self but suddenly my friend controlled me and told me that two guys are her friends Johar and Kiran with whom she is having her enjoyments and assured me that they take me to the heavens I was really dominated by them nothing I could do there.

Kiran came to me and moaned into my mouth holding both the tits he caressed me and sucked and licked me all over my body the sensual pleasure I was getting was different from my lady counter part really his touches and licks were taking me to the heavens I never felt such an agitation ever before he slowly went to my cunt and inserted his tongue into my pussy and started sucking my clitt he also finger fucked me at last he asked me to take his huge dick in my hand it was really enormous I could not hold it in a firm grip it was throbbing in my hand he asked me to suck it but I refused while Shaila (my friend) was sucking Johar’s dick he was fucking her in her mouth he smiled seeing me, he removed his dick out side and shown it to me it was almost same as Kiran’s and Kiran thrusted his. Large cock into my already wet and soaked pussy I was pulsating to his pushing’s my cunt was filled completely he started giving me the strokes while I was encouraging from the ground Shaila and Johar were fucking in a doggy style I was already secreted for 2 times finally he and me came to climax as he exploded inside me. Johar exploded on her thighs.
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Post desihero » Thu May 28, 2009 8:52 pm

nice updates dude, thanks for sharing with us
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