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Vandana's first night - Desi Erotic Sex Story

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Vandana's first night - Desi Erotic Sex Story

Post sunny_the_prince » Fri Apr 24, 2009 11:10 am

Vandana's first night - Desi Erotic Sex Story

This is completely first night experience Of Vandana. Here Vandana enjoyed her first night first sex experience greatly. Read and enjoy the erotic sex story now .may be it's useful to your first night experience.

On her first night, on the bed tastefully decorated with flowers and surrounded by the sweet smell of incense sticks, Vandana was full of trepidation and apprehension. Her community were a close-knit community who give too much importance to the virginity of their girls. Being a man with progressive ideology, her father saved her from the rigors of marriage at a tender age and sent her for education to a nearby town. The new atmosphere gave her unrestricted freedom and her aversion towards males turned to attraction. She wanted to attract males and dominate them, make them dance to her tune and make them her slaves. She started a conquering spree of men which went on with thundering success until now. Her father who got wind of her romantic escapades finally decided enough is enough and got her married to a distant relative.

On her first night, Vandana was anything but a virgin and she knew any man who had sex with her would know the fact very easily. She had ample signs of that fact for the last one-year or so. She had sex with six partners in the last one year and only once did she feel a penis entering her. That too with a man who had a huge organ almost the size of that of a donkey. All the other men could not fill her enough.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Rajesh entered inside in spotless white dhoti and pajamas. She tried not to look at him and looked at her feet. Rajesh approached her and put his hand on her shoulder. She did not look at him. He lifted her face with his hand under her chin. She rolled down her eyes. That made Rajesh happy. He had been apprehensive since his marriage was fixed with Vandana. When his marriage was fixed with Vandana his main worry was about her virginity. Now, as she was feeling very shy and could not even see straight in his eyes his male ego was satisfied and he was certain now about her virginity.

Rajesh sat next to her and put his hand on her shoulder. Vandana knew she could not escape the moment of truth unless…. Rajesh was on her with his lips close to her face. She quivered with apprehension. “Don’t worry dear, it is a bit uncomfortable at the first, you will get used it” Rajesh tried to dispel her fears. Vandana got her lifeline. She slowly fell back on the bed. Rajesh too fell on the bed close to her. She knew he was hot and erect. She had ample experience and could easily identify a man when he was hot. Rajesh tried to kiss her on her lips. She withdrew her face. Still he was thinking that she was apprehensive as that was the first time she was experiencing romance with a man.

He knew she will get used it once he won her confidence. He slowly took off her choli and put his hand on her lehenga. She closed her eyes. Rajesh unclothed her upper body leaving her with a bra only. She had such a wonderful pair of breasts that made him mad with desire and all his resolve to slowly win her confidence jumped out of the window. He pulled the bra with one move and her milk white breasts with honey colored nipples flowed out like a stream of milk. He fell on them madly kissing and licking them. She was used to all such and even more rough treatment directed at her breasts. Every man she had sex with, became mad on seeing her boobs and attacked them violently and it made her proud and turned her on. Now, with Rajesh attacking her boobs, she got turned on, but she knew she had to control herself and somehow, should not let him enter her.

She cried loudly as if she was in pain. Rajesh startled and moved away. “Sorry, Vandana. I behaved in a rough manner. I will be gentle.” He slowly cupped her breasts and kissed them gently. She did not react. He took that for approval and put his hand on her lehenga and slowly untied it and removed it. Her milk white colored thighs with satin panties presented a marvelous picture to Rajesh. That was the first time that he saw a girl that nude and that close. The only previous experience that he had with a girl was with his house cleaner, when his parents were away, at his home. As soon as he put his hand on her thighs, he ejaculated and she got up and walked away.

He slowly took off her panties, exposing her smooth shaven and lovely vagina. Because he had not seen a vagina before he could not tell whether the one in front his eyes was a virgin one or not. He knew what he had to do now. He saw it many porn videos. He undressed himself and fell on her. His erect organ was between her thighs. He positioned it at her opening and tried to plunge into her. She cried loudly as his organ touched her vaginal lips. He looked at her with a question mark face. “It is painful,” she told him with an innocent face. He smiled. “It will be painful when you are a virgin. From the next time it will be pleasure.” She nodded her head in silent agreement. He again attempted the plunge. She cried again. He smiled with the satisfaction of getting a virgin and tight holed girl as wife.

“Vandana darling, if you cooperate once and tolerate the pain, you can have endless pleasure from the next time.” “I am very much afraid, Rajesh.” “OK dear let’s try again.” He again tried to enter her and again she cried. He decided to investigate. He had a close look at her vagina, which was gaping wide open and was inviting any dick of whatever size. He could not determine its tightness or the lack of it. “Yes, dear, the problem is you are having a very tight hole down there” he declared. She sighed with a relief and put her arms behind her neck, which made her lovely breasts even more prominent. It made Rajesh mad with desire. He jumped on to her breasts and started kissing them passionately. She did not try to resist, hugged him with her hands, and pressed him tightly onto her breasts.

After sometime, he got enough of her breasts and tried to focus his attention on her vagina. She cried again as he tried to push his penis into her hole. This time, there was irritation in his face. She noticed it. “Sorry, Rajesh, it is causing pain to me” she said him folding her lips into a round O. She was trying to draw his attention to her mouth and suggest to him to put his penis into her mouth. She was an expert in oral sex, and she was sure she could satisfy him with her mouth all night and avoid his entering her vagina with his penis. Obviously, she cannot directly ask him to put his dick in her mouth. Nor can she take it into her mouth.

When he saw her rounded mouth, he got that idea. He had seen it previously in many porn videos. But, he was not sure how she will receive the idea. “Vandana, can I suggest you something?” She nodded her head in silent agreement. “Your hole down there is very tight and narrow. It is natural for a virgin to have a tight hole and it will cause pain if I enter you forcibly. You have one more hole, which is larger than that. If you agree, I can put my weapon in that.”’ What hole?” she asked in an apparently terrified voice. He touched her lips, “this”. “Oh, no, isn’t it an ugly thing to do?” “Not at all, dear. There is nothing ugly between a wife and husband” he assured her. She closed her eyes, and said “as you wish.”

He was excited. Many of his friends told him that putting the dick in a girl’s mouth is far more pleasurable than putting it in the pussy. He turned himself into a 69 position as shown in the porn videos he had seen and put his penis near her mouth. She was tempted to suck it into her mouth but she wanted to wait. He slowly put it over her lips and pushed it in. She opened her lips allowing it an easy passage. Once inside, he moved it in and out in her warm mouth. She played on it with her moist and warm tongue by putting her tongue on the penis as it moved in and out. Rajesh became mad with her action and moved his penis furiously in her mouth. She kept on playing with her tongue. In few moments, his penis shook violently in her mouth discharging hot and salty fluid deep inside her mouth. Usually, she would have swallowed the entire quantity, but this time, she spit it out and made a choking noise. He withdrew his penis suddenly and looked at her apologetically.

She looked at him and smiled. He got a plan suddenly, just as he put his penis in her mouth why cannot he put his tongue on her vagina and slowly make it open up. With this in his mind, he clasped her thighs and attacked her vagina with his mouth. She closed both her thighs to make her vagina tighter. He delicately parted her thighs wide and put his tongue on her lovely, though loose, vagina. She was facing his thighs, with his now limp penis in front of her face. She made a subtle move bringing her lips to touch it. She slowly stretched her tongue to touch its wet tip. His penis shook wildly and started to rise up. He put a hand around her neck and pushed her towards his dick. She decided to unleash the power of her mouth.

As he was busy exploring her cave of love with his tongue, she took him into her mouth and started her play on that. First, she licked on the red head slowly around it and proceeded on to shaft, pulling it into her mouth. She put bite marks on the organ and gently squeezed on its head while pushing and pulling her mouth on the hard and hot penis. Rajesh could no longer take it. He started fucking her mouth ferociously and in few moments once again filled her mouth with his warm ejaculate. This time she swallowed the whole fluid without letting the penis go. Rajesh collapsed on her thighs, but she kept sucking the limp organ and made it erect with life in few moments. Rajesh got up and started his work on her pussy. He slowly circled with his tongue around her vagina. Then he licked on her fleshy outer lips and proceeded to the inner lips, finally entering her opening. To his surprise, it offered very little resistance opening up to allow his tongue unhindered. He complimented himself for using his tongue and opening her vagina by utilizing all his skill. He was sure now he can put his penis in.

She sensed his feelings and rapidly worked on his penis to bring to one more climax. He dutifully obliged her emptied himself once again in her mouth. She let his organ fell out of her mouth and turned to one side. She fervently hoped that he was done and would not bother her again during the night. But, her hopes were dashed when he was on her with an erect penis. This time, he was determined to enter her cunt. She closed her thighs involuntarily. He looked into her eyes and said, “don’t worry dear. Your hole is adequately wide now. You won’t feel any pain now.” She smiled silently and told herself, I will not feel any thing at all, dear.

He parted her thighs with his hands and positioned himself between them. His penis was hard and erect now, and he was trying to shove it between her thighs. She never expected he could get it into erection for the fourth time in such a short span. She knew she could not deny him entering her now. She wanted to make it as hard as possible for him. He slowly brought his penis to the entrance and pushed it in one swift move. Without any resistance it went in. when she felt he was near the door and pushed in, she let out a loud cry. He stopped his penetration and looked into her face. There was agony all over her face, but no tears. “Don’t worry, it is in”, he reassured her. She nodded her head silently. With a sense of achievement, he started moving in and out ferociously. She did not feel anything from his thrusting, but she could know when he was moving in from the impact of his body on hers and timing herself with that she was moaning and crying loudly every time he pushed in. There was more excitement in her cries than pain or agony. It was as easy for her to feign excitement as it was to feign pain and agony.

Her cries made Rajesh more excited and he failed to notice the lack of resistance from her supposedly virgin vagina. After sometime, he was tired. However, he persisted with his efforts in the hope of reaching a climax. She noticed his predicament and closed her thighs thus narrowing her vagina to offer some tightness to his penis. His penis grew weak and became limp after sometime and it slipped out of the vagina. She identified this and her cries became louder and faster now. She clasped him tightly and started moving from below. His penis was caught between her pelvis and his stomach. As she rubbed on that, it again became hard and within minutes, he again ejaculated.

She was gasping now, looked at him with a tired face, and said, “Rajesh, it is very painful. I can’t do it again.” He put his hand on her, “OK dear. Let us not do it again tonight. Go to sleep.” He was very happy that she requested an end to the activity. He was very tired and was wishing for a stop, but his male ego did not let him ask for a stop. She was not at all tired and only now was she beginning to get aroused. If he can do it, she is ready for sex all the night. He put a hand on her and said, “Go to sleep dear”. She pulled him close to her and lied down on the bed. His head was on her soft bosom, which was heaving up and down. He put his hands around her and slowly slipped into sleep with the satisfaction of a conqueror. She too slipped into sleep happily that she had survived her first night unscathed. She was sure Rajesh now firmly believes that she was a virgin. She would persist with this for a month before unleashing her sex experience and energy on Rajesh and showing him what the real sex is.
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good job done buddy..... keep it up
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Thanks for Sharing
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